Toni Cerise is a fifth generation ranch family pioneer of the Roaring Fork River Valley. Actively involved in the local real estate market since 1986, Toni believes her real estate successes are largely due to her ability to properly access her listings within the marketplace as well as maintain an aggressive campaign that puts her listings in front of as many prospective Buyers and Realtors as possible. The challenge of delivering the best professional and personalized service is her favorite part of real estate. Toni also volunteers in the Carbondale community, giving her time and energy to support many local project and events.

Personal Statement:
Over the past twenty years the Roaring Fork Valley has shifted from a community that made its living through agriculture and mining to a recreation-based economy that has rapidly gained popularity. There’s no question we live in a unique corner of the world, surrounded by the most spectacular mountains and ranch land. I believe in managed growth, where we set aside open space to preserve this rapidly shrinking rural vernacular we all love by utilizing our carefully thought out community master plans and support ideas like in-fill within our city limits to avoid sprawl and bike paths to lessen traffic and congestion. I also believe that all economic backgrounds should have the opportunity to enjoy living here and encourage the implementation of diverse housing opportunities. I feel a responsibility that reaches back to my roots to see that we honor this land for the next generations.

Toni Cerise’s Current Listings Pakket: